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Bikes wanted for cash

We are interested in all sorts of motorbikes and are happy to consider anything you are looking to part exchange or trade-in. However, please note that we DO NOT buy scooters.

If you are interested in selling your bike, it’s better for us and you if you can telephone or email first with the bike details, so that we can save you the journey if it’s not a bike we’re looking for, but we”re also more than happy to take a look if you”re passing.

When you contact us, it would be helpful to know all or at least some of the following:

  1. The model, year and registration
  2. The mileage
  3. A realistic overview of its condition, including details of any damage, scratches, corrosion etc.
  4. If there are any extras fitted eg. alarm
  5. If there is outstanding finance
  6. The price you are looking for
  7. The town and country where you live.

If you email or leave a message on our answerphone, please provide your name and number so that we can get straight back to you.

We can give you a price for your bike when you bring it to the shop. If you can’t get to us then we may be able to arrange to come to you.